This place is just amazing. Not only because of the good foods that are offered, but the interior is flattering as well! Couldn’t help but to take a selfie:p

sweater: TOMMYxGIGI

This place is more than just a brunch cafe. As you walk in, you will be greeted with lots of table filled with lots of people ranging from the ground level ’till the higher grounds, literally. It’s so spacious as the ceilings are 15 metres high and the natural light floods in. The bar where the baristas make our coffees was along the wall straight to half of the room followed by the spacious kitchen on the corner.

We ordered Roasted and Pickled Seasonal Mushroom, Soft Polenta, Grana Padano, Hazelnut Crumb and Benedict Egg (and our usual coffees: Mocha and Cappuccino, didn’t take pictures of it hehe). The roasted mushroom was really good!



This place was so busy but it has good atmosphere. We were seated at the bar and I didn’t really enjoy the spot as I couldn’t get many pictures. I would love to come back to try and seat on the upper seats though;)

– Mel❤︎



650 Little Bourke Street

Melbourne, Victoria

03 8899 6219


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