I know, I know. It’s been months since I’ve been here but, I’m back now so let’s get going;)

WINTER in Melbourne has “officially” over, but hey, it’s Melbourne! It was freezing cold, still. As my mom came to visit us, we decided to take a trip to experience the Puffing Billy Train. We bought the return tickets from Belgrave to Lakeside. Though there was nothing, really, but it still worth a try for you guys especially for a family attraction. Since there were only three of us (me, my bf and my mom), we did not really enjoy the attractions that we could try on Lakeside. There is some kind of a paddling boat that you can try there! Instead, we stuffed ourselves with fish and chips as soon as the train arrived as we only had 1 hour until the earliest return train.

We were back to Belgrave by afternoon around 1.30 pm and we still had half of the day left to have more fun! There we came to a decision to stroll around Dandenong. As we were passing by the street on our way to Alfred Nicholas’ Garden, we saw a group of birds coming down to a fenced land where people can give them foods. My mom was fascinated and she wanted to give it a shot so we stopped by and do that… To be honest it was quite horrifying because you might got a scratch as they were wild cockatoos.


Then we headed to Alfred Nicholas’ Garden. The atmosphere was just exactly what we were after, since we had a noisy morning at Puffing Billy…

Alfred Nicholas’ Garden’s Lake

Since SPRING has sprung, the leaves were all green and not as special as when it was autumn but it was great!


Here’s a clip that sums up our trip minus some parts hehe

Hope you like it and give it a thumbs up. Thanks heaps peeps!

– Mel❤︎


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