After going through the first week of our third trimester post spring break, it made us do this regular thing called ‘brunch’. A little treat for ourselves in a tiny café called Hammer and Tong 412 located at:

Rear 412 Brunswick St Fitzroy, VIC 3065

This café actually serves Modern Australian dishes. The rustic yet trendy interior gives me this vibe not sure what but surely is comforting as I gulp down my foods.

Ox Cheek

Not only that we had to wait for 45′ until we get our foods, we got there at 2PM for the so-called brunch. I was literally starving! We cleared out the table in a flash. Not sure if it was just because of me being hungry or they actually do serve good foods… It was delicious though!

Fitzroy is just so beautiful since from what I know, it is full of graffiti-filled alleys and cute cafés that can be found in every corner as you walk by the streets. Alas, we found another spot under the super bright sun! The weather is getting warmer as Spring has come but oh well… Melbourne will never let you enjoy the perfect weather for long so better enjoy it while it lasts.

Wearing just a simple black shorts combined with a sleeveless black shirt.

More details of my look click here (LOOKBOOK)

You just can never go wrong with black 😉

A snap of the brunch squad:

– Mel❤︎


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